About Us

MCS is a consulting firm based upon 3 key proficiencies:


There is no shortcut to having experience, you either have it or you don’t. We bring our experiences and match them to your particular situation and bridge the gap between solutions,  financial goals, cultural boundaries and the opportunity.


There is no greater asset than people! We promote  their entrepreneurial perspectives (in your organization and ours).

Drive to Get Things Done

MCS keeps their eye on the ball and facilitates in any way possible to get your business, project or product to the desired result with steadfast momentum.

OUR MISSION , Vision & Values

McGuire Consulting Services GmbH, considers their staff and network to be the most valuable asset they have.  We treat our clients like family and believe we can make a positive impact not only in our industry, but also the people it serves.

The following Mission, Vision and Values are the basis for our actions, both in cooperation with our clients and internally.


To get the RIGHT things DONE


Always GO, TAKE ACTION and GROW with our clients, our friends and our Global Network


Be Remarkable, Be Curious, Be Introspective, Be Honest, Take ownership in Improving what we can