M & A, Industry Research Adviser

M&A, Industry Research Adviser

“Muddy Waters Makes it Easy to Catch Fish” (Chinese Proverb). We know that relying solely on financial metrics may not give you the full picture of the business you are investigating.  With experience working for multinational companies that captured growth through acquisition, MCS knows how and what to look for when you want to finalize your M&A or Joint Venture. To get a crystal clear picture of the possible transaction; answers to your questions about who are the customers, how sustainable is the business, efficiencies, condition and age of the of the assets, management and blue color conditions are all just a sample of the full picture you will receive in order to fully integrate a company under your umbrella. This “Real Picture” of the business is accomplished and presented to your board by combining 50+ years of experience with a customized due diligence checklist.

Tools and experiences used during the process

  • Industry reporting (HDPE, PP, PVC converters)
  • Customer insight
  • Marketing and sales (strategy, short and long term vision)
  • Production (capability, efficiency, utilization and capacity)
  • Research and development (innovation capability and resource capacity)
  • New Product Pipeline
  • Management / Personnel
  • Information systems (strategic alliance with SDBS)

*A sample Due Diligence Checklist can be Accessed via Customer Login